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Written by Professor Thomas M Connolly   
More recently, the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) funded the ARGOSI project to use an ARG to support the student induction process in a Higher Education institution with the aim of providing an engaging and purposeful alternative to traditional methods of introducing students to university life. The ARGOSI project had four key objectives ( ):
  1. to enable students to meet the intended learning outcomes of the library and information skills at a first level at HE;
  2. to create social networks during the induction period;
  3. to improve student confidence in navigating the city and university campus;
  4. to encourage students to engage in, and enjoy, the induction experience.
The ARGOSI project attempts to overcome many of the weaknesses in the ‘traditional’ induction process for new students. Induction is typically an extremely intensive first few weeks where students are overloaded with information from across the University. This information often lacks any real context because their studies have not really begun. Induction also appears to provide a distinct lack of city orientation and instead merely focuses on the social aspects. An ARG provides an alternative forum for students not only to study serious learning outcomes but also to create networks and familiarise themselves with the city and university campus. The ARGOSI project delivers induction information over a gradual time period avoiding information overload. It encourages students to establish friendships and work within communities in order to accomplish challenges within the game and discover the secrets that underlie the story.



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