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Written by Professor Thomas M Connolly   


Due to the highly innovative nature of the project, we had to use a dynamic methodology. This resulted in the following steps to the successful conclusion of the project:

  1. Defining the Alternate Reality Game and its mission
  2. Building the 'Tower of Babel' Alternate Reality Game and the storyline, Quests and game methodology
  3. Building a Moodle platform to host the game and uploading the game elements
  4. Writing teacher and technical guides for the game
  5. Completing 2 mini-pilots of the game in Bulgaria and Spain – these were used to dynamically adjust every aspect of the game for the final massive pilot
  6. Finalising the final pilot
  7. Recruiting piloting schools from across Europe
  8. Teacher training for the final pilot
  9. Playing the game
  10. Collating results
  11. Preparation of final documents – guides, methodology, analysis
  12. Dissemination activities including: Academic papers presented at 3rd European Conference on Games Based Learning FH JOANNEUM University, 12-13 October, Graz, Austria